National Night Out

NOTHING is ever easy here in S-T. Every year with National Night Out we honor our local first responders, the fire dept., the cops, the paramedics. Those people who keep us alive (maybe I should include DOT Traffic Control). And every year there is the competition between the Bolton Hall and the Stonehurst regulars that put on the absolutely best feed in the Valley.

BUT THIS YEAR, a new NNO was created at Sunland Park to bring together all the people in Sunland for a night of fun and meeting their first responders. Arnie Abramyan got tired of all the politics involved with Nina Royal and the STNC and created his own tribute. And it brought out the best that Sunland-Tujunga had to offer. And it was most interesting to see who didn’t show up…..

NOPE, there weren’t any homeless people. There weren’t any displaced residents of Sun Manor. There wasn’t one single complaint of someone sitting on a hypodermic needle. And there wasn’t one single dead body to be found. Maybe all the haters didn’t really have their information right. The “Troika” consisting of Sandy Capps, Nancy Shannon and Roger Swart were there helping out and being really peaceful. That was nice. No longer referred to as Curtle’s C•nts, they were acting like the Ladies that they were supposed to be.

And the food prepared by Arnie (owner of Munchie’s and Coffee & Cruise) was really good. AND NO!!! Sonia’s Business Association didn’t do squat to help Arnie out. In spite of the intermittent rain and the humidity, it was really fun meeting and talking with your neighbors.

Down the hill at Stonehurst Park, the Tabbi’s put on the BBQ Banquet that they are known for. With over 20 LAPD (active & retired) in attendance, the evening was great. It’s always nice to meet a cop that isn’t handcuffing you or giving you a ticket. (See – They are nice people)

Up the hill at Bolton Hall, exSgt. Egger was cranking out food and mixing and mingling with the older crowd that comes out every year to get out of their apartments and enjoy the free food. Everyone tried to have fun. I didn’t see many of our first responders. Maybe they were all down at Stonehurst Park?

All-In-All it was a fun event. It did more than introduce the neighbors to the officers, it introduced them to their neighbors. And that in my opinion is the most important thing that we need in our community.

What concerns me is that the two most prestigious community organizations are on their way out. The Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce have become so incestuous and anally myopic that they are actually destroying the icons that our community needs. Michele Ramage/ Damage of the Rotary Club has cowed the milquetoast members to discriminate against the community minorities and keep the club at a membership level that goes against Rotary International requirements. The Chamber under the guidance of Monique Reneauex has found itself in the situation of getting all of its board members sued.

You have to ask yourself, was the old saying of “Join the chamber – and die” correct. Keep tuned to this channel boys & girls and see how many members jump ship before their court date.

And yes, you can say, “It was the water!”

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