Residents of Sunland-Tujunga Concerned About Sunshine Manor

Dear Editor,

A group of concerned citizens of this area are worried about the facility listed as Sunshine Manor on the Internet or Sun Manor as the sign says. It is right across the street from the park where children play. The patients from Sun Manor, there are about 90 of them, who appear to all be heavily drugged.

These patients are regularly seen hanging out outside the premises and are allowed to roam freely in the park and the neighborhood. It is of great concern because this makes the area unsafe as these are all psychiatric patients who are drugged.

Some of the concerned citizens recently visited with some of the patients. They found that the facility does not adequately care for its’ patients. They are not provided enough food or spending money. Their concern is also for the patients themselves.

“We want to alert the residents of Sunland–Tujunga that the conditions there are inhumane and that the residents are underfed, unhappy and that the conditions are unclean and unhealthy,” said one man who lives in Sunland. “We want to create a grass-roots movement of taking responsibility for our neighborhood.”

“Also, the premises are not kept up at all,” another resident said, who lives in Tujunga. “They are dirty and really pull the area down. For a privately owned facility, this is not OK with the residents of our community.”

If you are interested in this cause, you can email concernedcitizensofst@

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