First Time Home Buyers Opt Out Of Inspection, Left With Nightmare House

Because of the major housing shortage in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, some home buyers are offering to skip inspections to close on a home. However, inspections are essential to the homebuying decision, as a couple in Homosassa, Florida came to realize on Thursday, August 10.

Jacob Pinder and his fiance Amy made the decision to purchase a mobile home advertised in a Zillow advertisement. The advertisement described the home as being well maintained and move-in ready.

Up to 32% of those looking to a buy a home are first-time home buyers like Pinder, and more Millennials are entering the housing market. Of course, the American dream doesn’t include scams.

Pinder opted out of an inspection on the property and moved into the house only to find that the walls of the home had significant damage. A sticker was also found on the breaker box of the home regarding a termite inspection.

According to ABC Action News, previous homebuyers interested in the property had paid for a termite inspection in April 2017. When the inspection came back positive for termites, the prospective buyers’ realtor reportedly relayed the information to Remax Real Estate Agent Charlene Angelo. Angelo is listed as the listing agent in Pinder’s closing documents. In a statement from Remax Real Estate, Angelo claims she had no information regarding the termite infestation of the house.

According to the head of the Greater Tampa Realtors group, Joe Perez, the agents of Remax have an obligation to be completely honest about the listings they provide on their website. To fail to disclose information about terrible living conditions, like a termite infestation, for instance, would violate the realtor’s code of ethics.

Pinder and his fiance now fear being homeless as they have no additional money for the extensive repairs that are needed on the house. Pinder’s nightmarish predicament only emphasizes why it’s necessary to have inspections performed on a property before purchasing the home as-is.

Pinder has filed a complaint against Remax with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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