World’s Largest Bounce House Touring The USA

Children's Inflatable Castle Playground

The world record for the longest inflatable water slide is 1,975 feet long, a massive achievement for inflatable structures, especially a waterslide. The sheer amount of air and water needed to keep it going would be a truly impressive thing to witness.

But that’s not the only inflatable world record that’s taken a spotlight in recent years, or even in the last week. Recently, the world’s largest inflatable bounce house has begun its tour of the USA, stopping off at all the major cities and offering an incredible experience for people that are willing to pay.

The best part? There is no age limit. The structure is massive and can support adults as well as children.

The inflatable spans some 10,000-square-feet and is a brightly-hued castle that features an obstacle course, basketball hoops, inflatable forest, ball bit, and a private VIP foam section.

It took over two years of research and development to create this gigantic bounce house, the project’s founders revealed to the KHON news station, a local station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was started by two men from Scotland who had a dream to build a bounce house so amazing that “people would travel from far and wide to marvel at its awesomeness.”

The structure needs 28 blowers to stay inflated and comes in five separate pieces which crews must assemble and take apart. This is a process that must be repeated every time they change locations, which will happen a lot on their grand American Tour.

A day at the largest bounce house ever can be anything that the visitors wish; you can run around or you can kick back on inflatable beds and sofas while watching everyone else. At the center of it all is a DJ and MC who will provide music for everyone involved.

There is no age limit to visit the bounce house, but children younger than five must have an adult accompanying them. The bounce house will be appearing throughout the country through November, but ticket prices vary on location, time, and what is purchased.

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