Notes From Undergrounded

Dear Editor,
Hey there. First and foremost, I send all my respect out to the good Sun-Tuj. people out there and the people of The Paper. I am writing because I haven’t gotten your Paper in quite awhile and was wondering what’s up? I believe it’s because I somehow gave you the wrong CDCR#. Well, I will rewrite the address at the end of this letter.

I got to say I think your Paper is great and I love to read your comments and see there is still people who really care about Tujunga. Oh, and Sunland. Well, I was wondering if I was to shoot some drawings if you would print them inside your paper and who knows…someone might like it and would want to buy some or maybe become my pen-pal!

Well, let me know. I will draw up some crazy whiteboy shit for you. Well, with that being said, I am gonna get back to my program and hope you will once again put me back on the mailing order for the Paper. Enjoy the rest of your day.

S. Gary Siders #BB0471
Fac/Bldg. B3-102
CSP Sacramento
P.O. Box 290066
Represa, CA 95671.

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