You Don’t Have to Buy New to Live Well!

In today’s economy, there are many of us who buy second-hand and are proud of it. Where to go? Goodwill, at 6545 Foothill Blvd. in Tujunga (818-353-9350). Besides just being a fun place to go because you never know what you might find, Goodwill is a great place to buy necessities like coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, clocks; items that we don’t want to spend money on, like a parking ticket, but need, and as long as they work, why buy new?

Prada, Coach, Chanel, Gianni Versace? You bet. In the glass case. Like the back room at Loehman’s. Shoes and a purse. A bit higher priced than those items off the rack, but what a steal otherwise. There was a 1960’s style ochre-colored velvety sofa and love seat in perfect condition for $79.99 and $59.99 on last week’s visit; this week, long gone. Some of the best deals? The electric stuff in the back of the store. All the toys you’d ever want to play with. Stereos, coffee makers, clocks, vacuum and carpet cleaners and things that are really hard to describe. Everything you ever wanted but didn’t want to spend the money. Here they are at really good prices!

I rummaged through the t-shirt rack and picked out a dozen great ones at $3.99 a pop, mostly for my teenage daughter that will be “cool” if she doesn’t know where they came from. Not all kids are rummage rats just yet. Hurley, Quicksilver, American Apparel, Volcum, Gap. All like the ones we already have at 20% of the cost. Athletic inclinations? I found a Puma work-out jacket for $7.49 and a Nike stretch running top at $4.49. Having fun with every inch I moved, I found a FORDHAM University T-shirt like the one I had over twenty years ago. Coincidence or Karma?

Next I moved on to camping gear to get ready for a trip. A UTEX waterproof lined jacket for $7.49 fit the bill as did the Columbia Hiking Boots at under $10, a Quicksliver heavy longsleeved shirt, a bright orange quilted vest to save me from being shot like a deer at night, and a black lace robe because no one knows what is under that sleeping bag. My most fun purchases though? A set of old Dodger Baseball cards and a 1954 Monopoly set at $19.99 each.

Into books? Goodwill provides treasures. John Keenar, a local Tujunga resident, carouses the book shelves quite often. He found a first edition, signed copy of a 1992 historical document from the Southern California Historical Society. Only 600 copies were printed, 200 of which went to Spain.

Where do Goodwill”s profits go? They create Goodwill’s Mission: Transforming Lives through the Power of Work. Every 42 seconds of every business day, Goodwill places someone in a good job. Since 1916, Goodwill has enhanced the quality of life of people with disabilities, the homeless, veterans, families in poverty, ex-offenders and many others by providing education, training and job opportunities to assist them in becoming more selfsufficient and productive.

Goodwill is involved in our community. With the closing of Sun Thrift in Sunland, people started dumping their stuff (including trash) at the Tujunga store. So much stuff was dumped that Goodwill had to bring in a trash truck every morning just to keep the parking lot clean. They go the extra mile for our community. How can you help? Clean out your closets and garage regularly and the next time you need something, head to Goodwill first. You may just find it and add another job to the economy. I must have added several items on my visit and can’t remember the last time I had so much fun shopping. I took home several bags of fun things and had cash leftover!

For more information, please call: 1-888-4-466-39455. You can also visit the Web site at

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