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    pcw – Wow Krista J, the most amazing wedding photography i have ever seen. Watched the slide show a couple times,,just brings a tear to my eye. Your pics are so beautiful and amazing! If i were to ever get married again..(which i don’t plan on) I would definately use katchstudios.


    Hello BobSo sad indeed and my heart goes out to the family of those killed in the blast. When I heard the news on my computer my thoughts were on you and was overjoyed when I knew for sure that you were not in harms way. Oh, when will this bloodshed end…So many inocent lives have been taken by cowards.Take carePaterika


    Mahendraji,Magil mahinyatach Emu pahnyacha yog ala. Companytlya eka Engineerchya ghar cum farm house madhye party hoti. Medha mhanun gaon aahe, Roha te Nagothane road var (Rohya pasun 5 KM distance var).Pan ratrichya andharamule neet pahta aala naahit.Photo mule neet pahta aala. Thanks!Emuche maas khane mhanaje amanavi vatate!


    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!


    Hi Mynnette! What an absolutely stunning card! Good for you being able to resist buying more craft items. It sure is hard to resist new goodies, but we all really have so much to work with! Thanks for joining us at FSC this week. Best wishes, Yvonne


    I think it’s going a bit far to equate the entire Palestinian population and Hamas. . .but yeah, that picture is disturbing. It reminds me of a post by Lileks that ended with a picture of a Palestinian child with a Hamas bandana and a grenade on a string around its neck.


    This motto can without a doubt be viewed as by far the most classical 1. Distinctive most people may get diverse that means from this easy, very clear and oral motto from unique views. This is often very much the same with what Shakespeare claimed: you can get a thousand Hamlets within a thousand people’s eyes.


    Great stuff Tom. It does however make me sad to read posts like Jeannie’s, saying“I waded through the religious references (which I personally have no use for) to get to a lot of very good insights”Really Jeannie? What do you think came first, Tom’s observations or the book he pulled those references from? You’d be surprised that more “very good insights” could also be found within that book.Again, Tom, Kudos.


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    It is demographics, stupid. Most of the Muslims live in poverty, but they have a much higher birth rate than the Christians or Jews. In terms of population, Egypt has by far surpassed both France and England. Pakistan has surpassed Russia. In the meantime, we have convinced our women that the most important issue for them is abortion and free contraceptives. Perhaps Darwin was on to something.


    Wow! This could be one particular of the most beneficial blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Actually Wonderful. I’m also a specialist in this topic therefore I can understand your hard work.


    I quit a college (read: dead-end) job after two weeks. I have to agree that yes, everyone feels uncomfortable for the training period, and in most cases, that feeling goes away and they start to enjoy their job. My issue was a gray-area ethical one, and I’m ultimately glad I quit. I wasn’t going to waste my time and theirs with a lot of stress.The duties were fine; the administration was awful. You couldn’t find out about that during an interview. If a your bosses are jerks, to hell with them. They can find another sucker.


    Actually, I will be giving the gift of a tuning fork for Christmas. The Otto 128 will be my gift item in the family “chinese auction” on Christmas morning. I look forward to the lively, amusing reaction it will provoke. This will be the second Otto 128 I have given away.


    I experimented with looking at your blog with my mobile phone and the page layout does not seem to be correct. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most mobile phone layouts are not really working with your website.


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    Summary for my bookAfter Alissa’s mom died in world war 3, her older sister moving out and having new rules in the world Alissa thought her life was terrible. Then she found Austin, who made everything better. Everytime she was with him she was happy. She loved life now thanks to him. But then out of the blue comes another boy. Carter Mason. Who turns Allisa’s life into a whole new perspective. And he heart.PS: this is supposed to be based on in the future


    disse:É verdade Christiano, mais uma prova do pragmatismo anglo-saxão.Não podem esperar o F-35, compram 24 Super Hornets como “gap filler” na prateleira, zero bala.Aqui, uma enrolação tremenda para 36 caças. Se o Brasil entrasse nessa fila de Super Hornet, talvez recebesse todos os aviões antes de 2015.


    personellement je joue depuis longtemps a de nombreux jeux et j’aime tout particulierement les jeux violents. Pourtant je crois pouvoir dire que je ne me suis jamais battut de ma vie et n’en ait ressentie que peu de foi l’envie


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    , I have no doubt Fox News has made mistakes (What media organization hasn't?), but do you really think they've made mistakes so completely brainless as to be on par with Maddow mistaking a VERY OBVIOUS parody site (The only other parody site I know of that's more obvious in that regard is the Landover Baptist Church) for an honest, reputable media site? You're full of it.

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    J’avais été traumatisé au sens positif et fort du terme par Si c’est un homme, lu pendant mon adolescence. Je vais me plonger dans ce livre avec plaisir. Merci pour la découverte !

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    "I only embraced her again and held her close. There was plenty wrong, I thought. She was only eighteen. I was thirty-six and still a `death candidate.'" (p. 117) If Wagemueller was thirty six years old, the year would be 1943 and he would be on the Eastern Front shooting partisans, not in the jungles of French Indo-China." The reviewer of Devil's Guard is/was an instructor at West Point.

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    I think you made a number of relatively attention-grabbing points. Not too many individuals would really think about this the best way you simply did. I’m really impressed that there’s so much about this subject that has been revealed and you did it so properly, with so considerably class. Top-notch one, thank you.

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    I occasionally make bread in a bread machine but I don’t like it much. I prefer making it by hand, which isn’t really as hard as people think. I especially like the no-knead breads, which result in a European-style bread. They’re easy and taste wonderful. You can find recipes for them all over the Internet.

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    Perhaps unrelated but just as important… may I suggest someone employed by YouTube take a commanding post on your home page – many "videos being watched right now" are either violent in nature or sexually explicit. If that's what viewers are watching then that's what your website is representing to America and beyond as the YouTube image

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    Stephen, Thank you for your reaction. I must confess that I am not familiar with Bill’s unreleased orchestral work, but more with albums like Papyrus, Opium, Vade Mecum, etc. I look forward to hear more of him in different contexts. Cheersstef

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    I suspect writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein (son of the famous pop artist Roy) thought he was making a provocative statement.  I’m not biting.A pun about a movie based on a toothy vagina.  I don’t know whether to congratulate the clever play on words or recommend that you join AICN.

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    If you walk away, I’ll walk away. Will the occupiers leave? Will those resisting the occupation put down their weapons? Will that taken be given back? Will that lost be compensated? Will mutual trust ever be built and coexistence without walls accepted? So many questions. So many threats. So much pain and suffereing. So many wasted lives. So many historical wrongs. So much forgetting and re-telling. So many truths and so many lies. If I walk away, will you walk away?

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    Na. Hát van itt komment dögivel!Ebben a “blogspot”ban nem lehet valahogy megakadályozni ezt a gülünagy anonimitást? Akinek nincs gúglje, az egy anonim faszi marad? Tudom, sokan aláírják, de esztétikailag zavaró látvány.Ez: “Mindenesetre az a kiadó és az író nálam elérte, hogy a környezetemben lebeszéljek mindenkit arról, hogy még egy példány fogyjon a raktárkészletbÅ‘l” csúnya dolog.

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    Kassiane can likely concur – no trophy could ever compare to the feeling of finally "getting" something like a back flip. It seems silly really to get a trophy for such a thing. It would be more appropriate to give a trophy for your 100th, 500th or 1000th try at something like that (to reward your perseverance). It's just way too hard to keep count…. Way to go guys!

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    Starving yourself? is the worst way to diet, not only will you deprive your body of needed nutrients, you will also slow down your body’s calorie burn which will be more detrimental to you in the long run !

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    We were calling Sunday Mexi-Mama’s Day… since we ate Mexican for lunch and dinner with our mama’s! We didn’t really plan it that way, but I wasn’t sad about it haha. So yummy! Those tacos look delish, I never use our slow cooker… fail!

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    Heutzutage ist es zum Glück kein Problem mehr, so zu leben wie man möchte. Das Internet bietet auch Menschen die auf dem Land leben, Möglichkeiten Gleichgesinnte oder Partner zu finden (ich spreche von Westeuropa).Im Osten, und da v.a. in Russland sieht die Sache schon ganz anders aus, da wird es vermutlich noch Jahre, wenn nicht Jahrzehnte, dauern.

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    zegt:Ik ben nu in oeganda op het kinderdorp. De kinderen zijn erg onder de in druk wat jullie allemaal hebben gedaan samen met Kaja en Trin.Wij supporten de droom van joseph lubega ook. Samen bouwen aan een betere toekomst. Helpt u mee?

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    One of the next Avengers series movies lined up (OF THE SO MANY OMG) is a Black Widow film that will actually be a prequel. They just announced it and I’m guessing that everything she and Hawkeye vaguely alluded to in The Avengers will get spelled out then, including why she’s so amazing with the gymnastics ‘n’ such. I feel like what we got of Black Widow in this movie laid a pretty solid foundation for making a strong movie centered around her. (Also, the best part about the shawarma scene was my dad laughing HYSTERICALLY when he realized they weren’t going to say anything.)

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    She is amazing!!! She has won FOUR elimination challenges. I think that is the most for any single contestant during this season. It's crazy that she is sweating it out in Last Chance Kitchen!

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    WizzleaceJune 30, 2006 at 8:14 amI dont agree tt he is a weedy wimp and even with patrick viera with us does not bring us the premier league. If u really see him(Fab) play u r seeing a making of a great player esp at his age. Thumbs up for him who is able to control the rythum of the game with his vision n calmness.

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    hahahaha 🙂 stakkars HÃ¥kon, nissen er nok ekstra snill mot ham i Ã¥r! Eller kanskje han fÃ¥r gleden av og fyre det opp nÃ¥r julen er over;)Treet er flott da, jul i hus og jammen snør det ute ogsÃ¥- stemning det!god jul vennen!

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    Este año estoy muy castañera, así que no voy a tener más remedio que probar esta receta, que según la he ido leyendo y con todas tus maravillosas modificaciones, me parece genial!!!!Un saludo, Begoña

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    Lliebe Corinna,freut mich, dass du zu meinem blog gefunden hast Singapur – wow…Ja, klar – du kannst jeden Essig nehmen, zur Not geht sogar Zitronensaft. Ich nehme meist Apfelessig, weil der sowohl für süße als auch herzhafte Gerichte funktioniert und ich den eigentlich immer da habe (bin kein großer Essig-Fan und hab´s gerne mild).Viele Grüße*

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    ScampAre you saying that you have seen most of fallons print work and that you are only interested in print that has won awards? because that is what the assumption is which of course would be flawed. As there maybe a lot of good print that hasn’t been entered for various reasons or seen. I find it a little odd you can generalise so much when most of the PR out of there is for one person for the same thing. Can you ask someone from Fallon?

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    Happy Friday! I am a recently new follower and new blogger at that! This is my first time watching your vlog. It’s so nice to hear the voice behind the blogs that we read. This post is especially inspiring to me because I am a new blogger and sometimes find my self doubting my blog and doubting what I put out there. Hearing your encouraging words has helped me a see that we all have been there and we just have to believe in ourselves. Thank you so much for your amazing posts!I look forward to more Friday Coffee Dates!!XOXOHeidi

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    I'm a nosey so-and-so too and love reading your A-Z – I didn't know you're a chef! Makes perfect sense with all your amazing dinner parties. I would never have guessed your dress is a nightie, it's absolutely amazing and you look so damn banding hot in it with the gorgeous Ganesh necklace! Yay for summer's return!!!!! xoxoxoxo

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    Colons!~ I think the problem with any advice coming from anyone here is that… well they went from here. Which is decidely more common and simpler. Lemme see what I can dig up. There's bound to be something cheaper than $2000. If I can get home and back for $1200, there's no reason you should be paying that much. No chickens in the hotel room, please. Whatever you and Kevin Smith do on the flight is between you two, but I don't want livestock in my bed. This time.

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    I totally appreciate your enthusiastic squeal when the scoops turned out with the perfect berry swirl.What a wonderful summer treat. We've had more trouble finding coconut around here lately but I'm heading to Asia in the fall so I will bookmark this beauty to make for my hosts. I know they'll be impressed. Thank you!

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    The loads of money culture of Britain in the eighties, a culture I declined to take part in and was then ridiculed for arguing against.The reason the people in the U.K. have been mute on the subject is they are still coming to terms with their own humiliation. Endeavor and enterprise were usurped by the golden welfare state, a nation of paupers in palaces financed by unearned money promoted by government as freedom and doled out by the banks.

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    Good article. Secularism has become the new state religion, by bowing to those types who are "offended" by, for example, a display of the 10 commandments at a courthouse. (Really — that's offensive?) Thus traditional religious ethics gets pushed into the closet …

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