Everything we do is documented so that we know what we did right or wrong for the next incident. Here is my log for the beginning of the La Tuna fire.


Vegetation Fire, 1:26PM:
10850 W La Tuna Canyon Rd;
FIRE ENP 1:48: Getting a handle on La Tuna, can handle with units assigned.

FIRE EPN 1:50: Fire Head stopped.

FIRE EPN 2:22: La City going big on resources.

FIRE EPN 2:23: Fire has jumped the 210 freeway. Brush Fire; 2:23PM; High winds caused embers to create a spot fire across the 210 Fy approx 1/4 away. There are a (currently) unknown number of homes at risk and structural defense resources enroute. Additional 25 LAFD resources ordered in addition to full brush response from ANF, LAC and engines from Glendale Fire.

Brush Fire; 4:22PM; Precautionary evacuation (number unk) of Reverie Canyon. No homes damaged and no injuries reported. Awaiting acreage and additional evacuation info. Over 250 LAFD FFs on scene plus full brush assignments from ANF, LACoFD, Verdugo and at least 5 engines from Glendale Fire. In addition to LAFD air dropping helicopters, to include the contracted Erickson Air-Crane, LACoFD has 4 helicopters and 2 fixed wing super scoopers on scene. Brush Fire; 4:56PM; Fire is at approximately 500 acres with estimated 50 homes threatened. Precautionary evacuations underway in Reverie and Haines Canyon with loosely estimated figure of 200 homes evacuated. The evacuation center is Verdugo Hills High School 10625 Plainview Ave, Tujunga, CA 91042. The 210 FY will remain CLOSED in both directions from Lowell to Sunland. LAFD now has over 260 firefighters on scene in addition to a significant number from our assisting agencies (Verdugo, ANF, LACoFD, Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale). Current temp is 106d with winds at 11mph. Most of LAFD ground resources are dedicated to structural defense and our tractor units working to create breaks and stop the fire from moving to the Burbank side of the canyon.

ENP 5:34: Looking at La Tuna fire-about to impact the comm. towers on Verdugo peak. Brush Fire; 9:04PM; Fire at approx 1500 acres and 10% containment. We have a very large amount of active fire on both sides of the 210 FY. The 210 FY will remain a HARD CLOSURE from Lowell to San Fernando Rd likely through tomorrow morning. The precautionary evacuations remain in place through the night (Reverie and Haines Canyon) no additional evacuations. LAFD helicopters will continue to perform water drops through the night, all 250+ LAFD firefighters will continue through the night as will the camp hand crews. This topography driven fire has moved into Burbank limits and we are in Unified Command with Burbank Fire. We understand many residents on adjacent canyons in McGroarty Park area can see flames and are concerned. Currently, the fire is not burning in that direction and we have no evacuations in place for that area.

FIRE ENP: 10:13: Fire is ? mile from homes in Burbank.

FIRE ENP: 10:14: Other reports saying 100 ft from homes now.

FIRE ENP: 10:26: Verdugo just sent 5 add. engines to Burbank for structure protection.

FIRE ENP: 10:49: Fire visible from Santa Monica.

FIRE ENP: 11:23: 2nd alarm brush for Verdugo Immediate Need.

FIRE ENP: 11: 51: Heavy Fire on Crestview – Immediate home threat.

And that is how the fire ran on DAY ONE!

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