Monday Morning Quarterbacking!

by David DeMullé

The community goes around in cycles, sometimes circles, and it is always easy to point the finger and say “They should have done it better!” But if you weren’t there, how would you really know? The La Tuna Canyon fire officially started on Friday, Sept. 1 at 12:45 pm. That’s when the radio traffic started calling for fire assistance at a spot about 1 mile down from the 210 freeway.

It was a small patch of fire burning (about 10’ X 20’) and the day was calm with no winds. The first responders were a Park Ranger truck and crew that upon arrival, asked “Who’s jurisdiction is this?” and finding that it was not within their district, left. The next to arrive was a Rescue Ambulance from LAFD Station 24, a few minutes later their engine arrived. And everything was still calm. UNTIL a vertical shaft of wind hit the fire and blew embers to start three more fires. Within 45 minutes the fire was roaring up the hillside towards the 210 freeway. And the rest is history. (See The View From The Rock – Pg 3.)

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