Sunland Black Belt Celebrates 50 Years in the Martial Arts!

by David DeMullé

Then and Now - “Still Keeps On Going!”

Then and Now – “Still Keeps On Going!”

“Want to study Karate?” Al Case shook his head. It was 1967 and he didn’t know what Karate was. He was more interested in a hamburger. But he accompanied a friend to a Karate school and somehow found himself signed up for a course of instruction in Karate.

Now, 50 years later, as an eighth degree black belt, he has studied dozens of martial arts, was a writer for the martial arts magazines, and even had his own column in Inside Karate. He has also written over 40 martial arts instruction manuals and produced hundreds of hours of video instruction. And he still enjoys a good hamburger.

Currently, Al teaches at the Stephen Kirkman Street Sports Martial Arts Academy, and his class is an interesting set up.

While it is an adult class, the word ‘adult’ has a different meaning. You will find adults there, for sure, but you will also find children who aren’t children. They don’t whine, complain about taking out the garbage, and their grades are on the upswing. They have proven that they have sincerity, dedication, patience, and are willing to work hard, and that is what is required for a person to be admitted to Al’s class.

The art he teaches is a hard core mix of arts, starting with Karate, sliding through Kung Fu, and even presenting concepts from Tong Bei (a classical internal style of Kung Fu). Everything is taught with an eye to two main objectives: One) good, solid street defense, and two) the personal evolution of the student’s character.

As for those wishing to get a good work out, tighten up the abs, attain good health, or any of the other thousands of benefits that the martial arts have to offer, those benefits are there, and in spades.

Street Sports Martial Arts Academy classes begin at 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. Saturdays. Al teaches the adult class at 7:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Drop in and help Al celebrate 50 years in the martial arts. No hamburger required. Street Sports Martial Arts is behind O’Reillys Auto Parts at 8325 Foothill Blvd. Suite B, Sunland, CA 91040, (818) 237-8526.

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