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This was one hell of an edition to put together. Not two days would go by without something earth-shaking happening. Lie-Cheat & Steal Tatulian filed for a restraining order against me and The Paper and had to create a lie that I “threatened her with a weapon.” When asked by the judge what kind of weapon it was and the circumstances, she said “His newspaper — he wrote lies in it and showed a photo of me stealing his newspapers!” Hummm, oh well. When you can’t stop lying, you really can’t. It’s psychological. But even I had to smile when the judge asked her “So you want me to issue a restraining order because of what he said in his newspaper? Your request is without merit. DISMISSED.” But that didn’t stop the liars from posting crap on the Facebook hate sites. Functional drunk Ed Luboff typed out, “Doc runs like a cockroach when he sees me.” Poor drunken fool, he’s having DTs and seeing me in his wet dreams.

But those are just fun notes. We survived the largest wildfire in city history. And we watched the computer and television as the rest of the state went up in flames. We had many residents attending the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas only to find themselves in harm’s way, with people dying around them. But we also had the Cuddihy family out there helping the wounded and saving lives. What a contrast to the haters we have here. Julie Cuddihy chairs the STNC youth group and helps hold the council together with her “Christian Logic.”

In the past 15 months, we’ve seen our neighbors burnt out in the Sand Fire, the horrific auto crashes that killed four people in eight months, the evacuations and home losses in the La Tuna Fire, and the coming together of the community to thank the First Responders and help clean up the mess. Yup, we are a community in controlled chaos. This weekend we will have the Tatulian-sponsored Armenian Festival that is limited to ONLY HER Armenian friends and their friends. But what the heck, it’ll be fun for all those who show up. I remember from past events that she was involved in, that wherever there was CASH money to be made, Tatulian was there. Especially when there is no real accounting of it. The Chamber of Commerce is going through its own chaos with members leaving and officers attacking each other. And don’t forget the internal beef between the officers and Nina Royal and Cindy Cleghorn. There is no official body overseeing the S-T Chamber. And no one to demands, “Where did the money go?” But so what. It really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things here.

Keep tuned, the Sunland-Tujunga, A Reality Show is coming soon. And yes, IT REALLY WAS THE WATER!

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