A voice in the wilderness!

Dear Editor,

Regarding the recently published article by Sonia Tatulian’s tabloid written by Eddie Rivera about you: I could not decide whether to laugh, or to just feel anger that “her editor” is not performing investigative journalism.

This “article” was not an opinion piece; it was slander, a crime — plain and simple — published as fact. I would like to point out to the public that there are no restraining orders against you. A couple tried and failed. There is no reason whatsoever that anyone should have one against you. You have a restraining order against a local individual. Restraining orders are not given out lightly; there has to be proven just cause.

I am here to say never, ever once, have I felt threatened, intimidated, or worried that you would ever do me harm. Dr. DeMullé (and yes, I have seen credentials for the title Dr.), you have surpassed many and actively gone beyond to bring a great deal of good to the community. The most amazing part is that you still actively try to help this community. Keep up the good work.

If a community leader does something that hurts the community, call them on it. If their hands are clean, they have no reason to worry. I have seen you help others when they ask.

Thank you for your service to our country. I would wish you a Happy Veterans Day, but know that for so many veterans it is a difficult day because of the many who were lost and the horrifying experiences endured.

Bonnie Corwin

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