BBQ Fundraiser For Fire Victims

A few of the more than 100 people who came for BBQ and music.

A few of the more than 100 people who came for BBQ and music.

Neighbors gathered to show support to the two neighbors who’s homes were destroyed in the LaTuna Fire. The event is an on going success. Approx. 100 people showed up and later in the afternoon and the Sunland/Tujunga fire dept.# 74. came. It was an awesome event with music and great food by Ed’s catering. We would also like to thank Bonner’s Rental for the tables and chairs they donated to the event. The fire dept. came and stayed with the group for awhile. We received information for the two families who lost their homes with information for moving forward. There is still lots of work to be done as to the limited insurance that will not cover the complete restoration of their homes. We as a community are trying to provide information that will help them move forward and become complete in our community once again.

Thank you for all the communities support and out pouring and we will continue to provide whatever we can. If anyone has any information or process, help to reaching out please let us know at and we will provide the information for further assistance.

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