Body in a Barrel Found off Freeway

Another body was found dumped on La Tuna Canyon Rd Sunday evening. An un-named source stated the body was found stuffed into a 50-gallon drum and rolled down the embankment. It had been there for a while as the barrel showed burn marks from the La Tuna Canyon Fire in September. Members of the California Emergency Patrol marked off the area to be secured and set up portable lamps for the coroners office. Calif. Highway Patrol secured the area and the coroners office personnel decided that it would be better to start their investigation Monday morning. LAFD Station 77 brought in heavy equipment but was able to send personnel down the hillside carrying a “stokes basket.”

While trying to move the burnt up barrel, it was determined that it might break open. A plastic containment device was lowered and the body was brought up to the roadway. The LAPD has declared a “Security Hold” on the case, just like they did with the homicide of Ed Lee McMahon a few years ago. When the information was finally revealed last year, it was found that an LAPD confidential informant had shot him.

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