Coming Into The Holidays And Looking Back At The Year

I guess I was in complete denial about WHEN Thanksgiving was happening. In my mind it was always “next week!” And then overnight, it was here. This is a really nice time of year, the leaves are changing, the stores are ramping up for Christmas and the smell of the brush fires make you feel nostalgic for the wood fires you will be having in your fireplaces.

But more than the smells, it is the season of people being friendly to each other. Well, most people. The haters just got to hate on the Facebook sites. But if that makes them feel good, that’s Okay, it gives them something to be thankful for. Michelle Ramage (Damage Ramage) has got to be feeling pretty good that the Rotary International District Governor hasn’t shut them down. And of course, that would shut down the quirky 4th of July Parade.

At the last equestrian fair at Orcas Park, I had a chance to talk to a lot of people. The consensus was that “There is no way in hell that I would bring my (horse), (Band), (Dancers), (Kids) – pick one or all to that parade with all the hooligans throwing water balloons and attacking our (horses) (kids) (marching band) (classic cars). Yup boys and girls, the illegal S-T Rotary club that can’t even get enough haters to join and pay their dues is probably on the way out.

Every now and then I talk about what we had and lost. I guess that this time is no different. The Lion’s Club Watermelon Festival, Easter Festival, Blessing of the Animals, Old Timers Day and a few more I can’t remember clearly. The 4th of July Parade was the highlight of the community. Local businesses used to create floats with their employees, service organizations went all out promoting their clubs. Everyone was happy. And then “age” set in. The “old ones” started to die off. The new ones were brought in just to collect their dues and keep their membership numbers legal. And there lies the problem. Organizations like the S-T Rotary club became populated with people that had no community feelings. It was just another clique of haters and self-serving people that wanted something to look good on their resumes.

The Watermelon Festival went down the tubes when Sonia Tatulian became “treasurer” and money started disappearing. But that happens when Sonia gets involved. Yes boys and girls, our little town has turned into a quagmire of dis-service. But there is something that we can still be thankful for. It’s our semi-rural way of life. That is if can we survive the crazy drivers. The “Sunland-Tujunga, A Reality Show” is almost ready to print. It will be a fun read for most people. And for some people it will be a chronicle of how they helped destroy our community. And yes, you can really say that It was The Water!

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