Joyous, Solemn Event At Two-Strike Park

Bunting and flags were blowing in the warming morning as groups of revelers, were gathering at two-strike Park in La Canada last week. It looked more like a 4th of July get together than a solemn occasion. What made the 100-plus happy participants stand out were their American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars uniform caps, hats with campaign pins and a steel drum filled with burning logs. This was the annual American Legion Veterans Day and Flag Retirement Ceremony. This year, flags that were to be retired were cut into strips of red white and blue and carried by the Boy and Cub Scouts as well as participants that brought their own American flags to the park for a proper and dignified retirement. It was a beautiful day.

The program began with the pledge of allegiance and the singing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” by an elementary school student that belted out the words like a grown-up diva.

Lt. Col. David Worley, with the Crescenta Valley High School Junior Air Force ROTC, spoke of the commitment it takes to be an ROTC commander and the amount of years he served in both the US Air Force and National Guard before he came to the Crescenta Valley High School.

The memorial was set up earlier in the day and an honor guard vigil was held from noon to 2 p.m. when the ceremony began to draw people toward the front of the memorial’s center. This year, the presentation was directed to those women who served in our armed forces, in the present and in the past.

Congressman Adam Schiff gave a dedication and honored the seven WWII servicemen from La Crescenta and Glendale, four of whom were in attendance to receive their certificates.

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