Sunland Church of God Cleans up Commerce!

26, approximately 100 members from World Mission Society Church of God in Sunland, CA volunteered in the 4,219th Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign themed “Mother’s Street” on Foothill Blvd. and Commerce Ave. The church members strive to make the earth, a living basis for the family, clean with the love of mother who dedicates herself to looking after the family at home.

The Church of God has  over 6,300 churches in over 175 countries, with approximately 2.5 million+ registered members. Every 3-4 months, the members take part in this global effort volunteering to cleanup trash and debris in their local communities.

The World Mission Society Church of God has pioneered a number of voluntary events such as stuffed animal and mega-blood drives, benefit concerts, and disaster relief movements in order to share love with neighbors.

During the event, many residents from the community commended the members and their actions saying, “You’re not just hearers of the Word, but do-ers!”

If anyone wishes to collaborate with the Church of God in the near future, please contact the event coordinator, Mark Apilado, at (323)573-3333.

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