“Making It Happen” Happens for Hundreds

With more than 100 people in line,
it was a fun and busy time for the volunteers serving food

by David DeMullé

Pattee Colvin makes it happen in the kitchen too!

Pattee Colvin makes it happen in the kitchen too!

The people responsible for Making It Happen held their annual Christmas Dinner at the Chapel of The Hills on Oro Vista last Sunday night. After a stirring sermon by the wife of the pastor, dinner was served to over 125 neighbors and members of the homeless community.

The annual dinner was created years ago by Making it Happen founder Pattee Colvin to provide a great hot meal to members of the SunlandTujunga neighborhood. People from all walks of life came to help serve the delicious hot pork loins, coleslaw, scalloped potatoes, deviled eggs and all the fixings including homemade chocolate cake and sherbet ice cream. “This is one way that we can share God’s blessings,” said one of the volunteers.

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