WELL! We survived another one, well most of us that is. And you’ve read about it right here. I think about those people that want to know about what is happening here. The ones that read all the local media and are concerned about what they read.

But my readers are different, they want the REAL news, so if you want to read a soft, touchyfeely piece, you really should read one of the other papers out there. I, of course think that what I print is important and the fact that you’re still reading it after all these years makes you very special people.

From before Christmas right up to today, we have really seen things happening here in our little community that no one could foresee. We’ve lost family and friends and people we know have lost their homes to the elements. You can really feel the pain.

It’s tangible. It’s the missing chair at the holiday dinner table. It’s the memories of times gone by. It’s a time of trying to feel the joy for what we have that are drowned by the tears of what we’ve lost. It creates a hole in your life that slowly fills with the passage of time, but never completely.

Everyone knows about pain, but the pain from something that could have been avoided seems to be even deeper. Traffic accidents here in Sunland-Tujunga are so damn incomprehensible that they can’t even be defined. AND NO ONE WANTS TO STOP THE PROBLEM!

Our latest disintegration of the family/community fabric is the “Social Media” that really just snuck up on us. Like a cancer developing and no one noticed, it has hit pretty hard and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what it is going to do to us. I mean, like WHO EVER HEARD OF A PRESIDENT OF THE US TWEETING!?!?!?

How banal is that? But it’s here and it’s not going away soon. But in the meantime we have to figure how to keep our family values and continue on helping each other. Social media really helped us out this last couple of weeks where people were able to communicate from their cellphones telling others where the emergencies were and where they can evacuate to and where the shelters for people and animals are.

So it’s not all bad. We just have to keep things in the proper perspective. Like a weapon, social media can be good and bad at the same time. It just boils down to what YOU do with it.

As a community, as a city, as a nation, we have got to become involved and once again be “our brother’s keeper.” Look around you and imagine one of those friends or family not being there next week. Let’s make an effort to be “just a little bit better – and make more people happy. Let’s make this year a better one and make a commitment to help make a change. A change that could start saving and changing lives. It’s possible that we might actually make a difference. I can’t do it alone, but as a team, as a community, we can make changes.

And no, you can’t say
, “It’s The Water!”

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