FBI Investigates Sonia Tatulian

by David DeMullé

Sonia Tatulian is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the LAPD, Animal Control and the US Postal Service in connection with the mailing of several envelopes containing a “get well” card and a Kool-aid type substance last July.

In an interview with Federal Agent James Peaco, it was determined that Tatulian’s story was an almost exact duplicate of what four other local residents who had received these cards said. Tatulian and Sandy Capps another member of her gang, filed temporary restraining orders against DeMulle’ who, like other local community members, has been a frequent target of Tatulian’s erratic and angry outbursts. A Superior Court Commissioner in Pasadena, however, found that Tatulian’s claim “was without merit” and dismissed both their requests. But the same commissioner found that DeMulle’s claims of assault by Tatullians’ “junk yard dog” Kurt “Curtles” Koesler were justified and granted DeMulle a 1 year restraining order against Curtles. Kurtles attacked another S-T resident John Clausen and yelled “I’m going to go get my gun and shoot you.” Luckily for Clausen, Curtles was thrown out of the Crow’s Nest bar & grill.

Sonia Tatulian is known on the street as “Lie, Cheat & Steal Tatulian” and has long conducted a campaign of harassment against a number of local businesses, business people, and being where money disappeared. She uses editor Eddie Rivera to publish false news stories in her newspaper, the Foothill Record. Rivera is very good at taking one minor truth and creating 5 major lies. Recently, Tatulian has amassed a cadre of misfits under the direction of unemployed handyman Curtles Koesler to create a reign of terror and vandalism against The Foothills Paper and the SunlandTujunga community.

Tatullian is best known for her screaming, ranting and raving against those who don’t do her bidding. In a recent escapade, Tatullian ran around screaming that The Foothills Paper had published a pornographic photo of her. Some local shops and businesses, including the DIY hardware store banned Tatulian’s newspaper from their shop. Unfortunately for Tatullian’s credibility, there is no evidence that DeMulle’ had anything to do with the card that she mailed out to all the auto repair shops in Sunland-Tujunga or to the greeting card with the “mysterious pink powder – that looked and smelled a lot like strawberry Kool-Aid.

Tatulian is a member of the Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce and has caused so much dissention that even the Armenian members have fled.

It is unknown how Tatullian can afford to publish her newspaper, after having declared bankruptcy and living on the welfare money she gets for taking care of her father. A number of advertisers have withdrawn their ads from her paper, and others, loyal to the Armenian culture, are being given their ads for free. Tatulian’s papers are often tossed into trash bins upon their delivery by business owners angered by her erratic behavior and biased news coverage. The Foothill Record is banned from ALL Subway shops when she was caught stealing The Foothills Paper.

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