And Everyone Was Nice!

Arnie Abramyan faced off with Pati McArdel Potter about who was turning in local businesses for sign and building violations.

Arnie Abramyan faced off with Pati McArdel Potter
about who was turning in local businesses for sign and building violations.

by David DeMullé

Wednesday’s STNC meeting was touted as being the showdown between the citizens and the STNC, and it was, sort-a. Everyone showed up and there was only ONE BIG PIZZA, no coffee, no milk and little bitty bottles of water. This wasn’t looking good. AND THEN CAME DANA STANGEL, president of the neighborhood council.

And the meeting took form, from Dana’s wide happy smile to the way she took the reigns and guided the meeting, there was no way anyone was going to act up.

Representives from the school district made their presentation and introduced the new principal, then Robert Lindsey who is running for Sheriff Lee Baca’s slot, spoke and then members of our local organizations all took the podium, made their presentations, and were graciously approved.

THEN, the moment we were waiting for arrived. Arnie Abrahamian and Patty Potter McArdel squared off. It was almost as if people were holding their breath, waiting for sparks to fly. But it was really peaceful. So peacefull that I thought they’d be giving valentines to each other.

All the previous attacks and rhetoric went out the window. Arnie made his presentation while other business owners sat back in silence. There was no concerted effort to make anything happen. Nothing until Business Association president Sonia Tatulian took the podium’s spotlight and demanded that the STNC look into what its land use committee was doing to local businesses. Sonia made a few pointed remarks, but because it was during a “public comment” segment, no dialogue was permitted. The women took the meeting by the short and curlies and made sensible comments. I’ve often said “Sunland-Tujunga is where the women have balls and the men don’t!” That came across in spades.

Patty Mc Ardle Potter took the statements that were hurled against her and like Wonder Woman, turned them back on her attackers. “Where are your government documents?” she asked. “Where is my signature on any document that you claim that I filed?” And there were no answers. But this is Sunland-Tujunga, where you really can’t tell who the players or even the teams are on a weekly basis. And the cookies were pretty good, and I sure wouldn’t buy that pizza again.

But it was a great neighborhood meeting, as meetings go, with more than 75 people in attendance.

And no, Curtles Koesler was not allowed inside.

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