Everyone Was Civil At STNC Meeting

What an incredible change has happened in S-T. Last Wednesday night I went to the monthly STNC meeting expecting to see banners and people wearing identical T-shirts and loud proclamations of “We’re not going to take it anymore!” A real Roman circus about building violations and who turned them in. And it was. Sorta, but in this case, they threw the lions to the Christians (and it was Ash Wednesday so you could tell who they were. LOL)

The house was packed and there were so many new faces mixed in with the old guard that you really didn’t know what was really happening. My first realization of something different was when the meeting room door opened and it was STNC president Dana Stangel with this really great smile welcoming us in. I like smiles. There are too few of them here.

I love going to “civic” meetings. I get to be nice to all the assholes there and they have to be nice to me. People that really don’t like me. And the reason they don’t is because they did something really stupid and I called them out on it. But what the heck, when they’re nice to me, I go out of my way to be nice to them. Look at Roger Swart, the senior volunteer advisor to Monica Rodriguez. He just can’t keep from telling lies on Facebook and expecting no one to notice. Or Curtles Koesler, who with his lady friends just keep making up stories like a drunk that can’t hold their liquor. You can only laugh at them knowing that they are just part of the S-T culture.

I just published a realityshow treatment on Amazon called “Sunland Tujunga: A Reality Show (STARS)” about what has been going on here over the past decade. I’ve even had a couple producers call me to discuss it. But as one producer said, “You really can’t expect those people to want to be in the show after you’ve thrown them under the bus.” Damn, he’s got a point there. It should have been called “Tales of the Tujungas.”

The most interesting thing to me is that it is being sold internationally. I think what is bringing in the sales are the really stupid reviews by people who are too poor to purchase it and so they just make up lies about what they supposedly read. I can’t get better publicity than some of our esteemed citizens spouting out misspelled words and broken statements. It just fits in with what STARS is all about: cyberbullying and “The Big Lie.” It was fun putting it together. You really can’t make up this kind of stuff.

But I digress. The STNC meeting went off without a hitch. Even our town snitch, Nina Royal, was making a plea for writers and people to send in events to her biyearly newspaper. You’ve got to give it to her, she may be living a lie, but it’s her lie. Even her best friend and local print shop owner, Cindy Cleghorn, sticks the logo of the NORTH VALLEY REPORTER into publications that have nothing to do with it. But it makes it appear real.

And believe me, appearances do count. What impressed me most about the STNC meeting was how well it went. Everyone got a chance to say their piece. And more important was the fact that the audience listened to what they had to say. And that is what impressed me the most. People were actually civil to each other. I’m looking forward to the next council meeting and I hope that I’ve given you the incentive to go too. This is our community and YOU can make the difference. And who knows, maybe it really was the water!

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