Let It Flow, Let It Flow!

by Amelia Anderson
Energy, flowing unimpeded throughout our bodies, comprise our physical and mental state. “Our bodies are nothing but an energy sending machine,” the voice said Friday afternoon on radio 89.3. He was both a medical doctor and a pastor. When the nerve channel opens, it is young and vibrantly alive filled with the righteous idea of happiness and joyousness, and has the warmth and capacity to accomplish great things.
But, if that psychic energy becomes knotted by hurt, followed by another hurt, then more hurts that accumulate to five, then fifty, perhaps even to five hundred and more, they accumulate in the muscle tissue lodging themselves into the body, strangling the nerve circuits and constricting the flow of energy throughout.
If left unchecked, these knots will prevail, closing the window of consciousness and forming a hardened case around the heart which will shut off the ability of the person to feel patience, compassion, happiness, joy and love, instead leaving him to wallow in the depths of hurt, pain, impatience, sorrow and hate. And, in turn, this mindset will spread pain to others, and could inflict malice like the recent high school shooter down in Florida. Or the Charles Manson or Zodiac killer scenarios.
So, it is incumbent upon us to try to undo these knots of hurt, to resolve and rescue our own body on the road to life before it takes control of us and we crash. Auto driving has rules like adhering to lanes, safety of speed, and no alcohol. Yes we are a free society but there are road maps to be obeyed. “Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, thou shalt not kill,” are starters in any language, religion or country.
As children, we learn through the exterior world of family, society, education, the arts, sports, media and politics searching for shared popular values. But the elusive search for truth stems from the interior spiritual quest of transformation by the individual and most often witnessed by religion to guide in the vanquishment of vanity, pride, egotism, jealousy, gossip, avarice and evil which create the crashes. This information was central to the sermon of Pastor Scott LeLaCheur of Summit Church on Sunday, February 25, and derived from Ephesians, the New Testament.
The rules of life have been with us for hundreds and thousands of years, but are now not taught in the schools because of legal threat of warring religions. But flouting wisdom from rock of the ages has consequence as great for the individual as ignoring the physics of gravity. It can not be denied. We have students and folks today armed with fancy GPS instruments who don’t really have any idea where they are. They speed in killing cars, and unload rifles in cold blood.
So, let’s sit down and take a look. As a nation, we have been struggling with the homeless issue, a product they say, of the success of our capitalism. But the bigger threat now is our burgeoning Opioid epidemic that took 65,000 lives nationwide last year, with no reliable statistics on how many more souls are hooked daily on this life destroyer. That’s also due, in part, to the success of our capitalism. Companies and corporations are pushing drugs, hoodwinking our doctors into prescribing them by vouching falsely for their safety.
The entire issue of the current March 5 TIME Magazine is devoted to the photos and diaries of these victims. “I got in a car accident and was in the hospital for three or four months. At first, I took Percoset, OxyContin for the pain as prescribed, as needed. I started to like the buzz so I began taking more than I was supposed to. Then a family member introduced me to heroin, and I actually cried at first be cause I didn’t feel any pain. All it takes is one time.” Caussaundra Blasingame, from New London, Ohio.
The Opioid crisis is the worst addiction epidemic in U.S. history. The nation’s life expectancy has fallen for two years in a row. Users, families and first responders live at the center of a national emergency — and it demands our urgent attention. “Heroin grabs ahold of you, and it won’t let go. It turned me into somebody I never thought I would be.” Chad Colwell, 32, Miamisburg, Ohio. His fourth overdose led him to seek treatment.
“It’s not just the guy who’s never worked a day in his life. It’s airline pilots. It’s teachers. It’s law enforcement kids, firemen out there hooked on it. It’s Joe Citizen that is dying.” Gust Andrew Teague II, a deputy sheriff in Montgomery County, Ohio. Cheryl Schmidtchen, at the funeral of her 24 year old grandaughter says, “After Michaela died, I saw it clear as day. They’re not only destroying themselves, they’re destroying us.” In Manchester, New Hampshire on September 17, 1017.
“If there was a terrorist that showed up in Montgomery County today and shot 50 people, or 25 or 10 for that matter, this community would be in an uproar. There would be an army here trying to stop it. That’s exactly where we would be with opioids. But who’s showing up to stop it?” Bruce Langos, executive director of the Criminal Intelligence Center at the Montgomery County sheriff’s office, in Dayton, Ohio.
“I am a drug addict. I let it take my kids from me, my home, my husband, everything that I love.” Kayla Rauck, 29, Covington, KY. “If your family member is struggling with addiction, love them. Don’t fight them. And for the love of everything holy, pray for them.” Angela Davis, a social worker with Lily’s Place, a facility that cares for opioid-exposed babies in Huntington, W.Va.
So, what am I going to do about all of this? I’ve only got one vote, so I’ll pray. For myself, to stay strong so I can help deal with this erosion of our society. I’ve already spent years unraveling the knots in my muscles with doctors and chiropractors, colleges, gyms and massage. When all else fails, I pray. But first I pen my ideas on paper. And that’s how my husband came into my life. And my property. And I’ve had marvelous results. And for larger world problems, I join my Pastor and the Church for group prayer. You’re welcome to join us.
For substance abuse call 1-800-662-HELP; FIND TREATMENT. SAMHSA.GOV.

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