Another Reason Why Foothill Blvd. Looks Bad…

One of our major problems here in S-T is the “Knee Jerk Reaction” of some of our denizens. When Arnie Abramyan went bat shit crazy over Land Use Committee Member Patti McCardle-Potter, he unleashed a flash flood of negative reaction against the STNC Land Use Committee. Using McCarthy-era sensationalism, he threw out claims that he could not verify…. the STNC collapsed it’s Land Use Committee enforcement and M-Rod declared a moritorium on STFCSP enforcement.

Here is the result of really not giving a damn what the community looks like. As Dana Senne, the proprietor of Kathy’s Thrift Shop was moving in, we spent over an hour talking with her about the Foothills Corridor Specific Plan and giving her tips on how to stay legal.

She’s decided to break every rule in the book. Welcome to “Kathy’s 3rd World Thrift Store!” Please leave your rodents and dirty children at the curb.  Corner of Quill & Foothill Blvd.

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