Coffee with the Captain!

by David DeMulle’

Last Tuesday Jon Von Gunten and Starbucks hosted the “Coffee with the Captain” with free Starbucks coffee and doughnuts for everyone attending, and wow did they attend!  With more than 50 people at any one time, the community came out in force to meet the new captain and get answers to their questions.  Both Senior Lead Officers Caloca & Contreras made presentations on the local crime rate and how our community was in comparison to neighboring communities. 

Roger Swart, a senior disabled person that posts dozens of Facebook posts a week, made a small speech introducing Captain I. Aaron Ponce (No, not like “I Robot”) to those assembled.  Swart is infamous for sending emails to the community saying that the “American Legion Members are a bunch of assholes!” was in great form getting selfies with all the younger women there.

All in all, it was the start of a great day and putting a face on our new captain.

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