Banner Boondoggle at Town Hall Meeting

TownHallBy David DeMulle’

seemingly innocuous “Town Hall” meeting of the banner committee held at the Elks Lodge two weeks ago erupted into a heated debate of “Who did what, with what, and why didn’t everybody know about it?”  Safety banner committee member Lydia Grant presented the banners that the STNC had previously approved and were awaiting final decision on by the city.  And it all went to hell from there.  5 dissident members of the SAFE committee (who arrived after being texted by Roger Swart) started yelling accusations and completely disrupting the meeting that Ms. Grant had called.

At the pinnacle of the discussion was the giving of the printing contract to Sunland Printing, paying for it, and not receiving the end product.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well, then you throw in Roger Swart’s hate group, stir it around with some blatant lies, and you have a “typical” S-T Town Hall meeting.

Cindy Cleghorn stated that she had created the banners.  She also stated that they were presented to the STNC for approval and disbursement of the funds.  WHAT wasn’t discussed previously was the fact that although the money was allocated and paid to Sunland Printing…. the artwork was never provided to allow the banners to be printed, making it look like Sunland Printing was in effect, stealing the money.

And it went downhill from there.  The haters dragged in Jenny Knopf (whose bicyclist husband had been killed by an errant driver on Foothill Blvd. a few years previous) and by saying things like “Stay out in the hallway, this is too painful for you!”  And then making a big rush to the doorway, hugging her and having a group crying jag, they proceeded to leave the building.  Roger Swart, not realizing until the last that they had abandoned him, jumped up, cutting a fart that resounded through the building, making everyone stop what they were doing.

He then ran after the herd of haters and disappeared into the evening.  Yes, this was a great meeting and it accomplished nothing but polarizing the activist community.  Eve Sinclair, the councilwoman’s minion, took it upon herself to block any inquiries into the hate groups real intentions.  It appears that we once again have a mouthpiece and no brains running our CD-7 area.  But the safety banners will be printed and hung on Foothill Blvd. in the hopes that drivers will heed their message.

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