Local Businessman Takes Action With Effective Criminal Rehabilitation Program


The Criminon program which is supervised by local resident, Ghislain Viau, is studied by the offender in jail with the program broken down into courses with practical drills and exercises which directly address various factors which lead to crime.

What is it that causes a person to become a repeat offender and commit crimes despite having served time in prison? How might our system fully rehabilitate a criminal, helping them to lead an honest and productive life? With some states having as high as 75 percent recidivism (to relapse into criminal behavior and land back in prison), solutions are needed and members of our community are taking action. 

Local businessman, Ghislain Viau, longtime resident of Sunland who recently moved to La Crescenta, says “I wanted to make a change around me instead of being individuated, just being a spectator to the bad things that are occurring in society and hope that someone else will do something about it.  I found a way to be causative instead of just being an effect, when I started working with incarcerated folks.”

 Viau is a supervisor with Criminon, a secular program that approaches criminal rehabilitation using the theories of L. Ron Hubbard who said “There is no person alive who cannot make a new beginning.”

The Criminon program is studied by the offender in jail with the regimen of the program broken down into courses with practical drills. For more information you can contact info@criminon.org.

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