National Monument Bear’s Ears, a reminder of the beauty and
history of our land currently under attack by the administration.

Sierra Club of LC Convenes in January

The Crescenta Valley Sierra Club Group program for Tuesday. February 13, at 7:30 pm, will feature nature photographer/writer Bonnie Lavine’s “The Beauty of the Land” at the L.A. County Public

Christmas is Late at Wildlife Waystation

Happy 2018! Christmas is Late at Wildlife Waystation Every year, unsold trees from a local Christmas tree lot are donated to Wildlife Waystation. The animals absolutely love it. Thanks to our

An Empty Seat on Thanksgiving

by Alejandro Magallanes I love the holidays. To me, the holidays are all about family. I have my wife, my two little boys and a baby girl who will be arriving before Christmas. I am excited! This


“Leech Valley”-Part 2

Part 2 by John Blue But sweaty, jumpy, feverish me now looked just like them! If I sat over there, I may also get locked up! Yet freedom was just a few feet away after a simple signature, then a

Grabbing any kind of relaxation you can in the field.

“Leech Valley”

Part-1 by John Blue I have always said to family, friends, vets, doctors and VA folks that I’d gotten my strange jungle fevers in a little place in Vietnam we bush GIs called “LEECH VALLEY.” I