Grabbing any kind of relaxation you can in the field.

“Leech Valley”

Part-1 by John Blue I have always said to family, friends, vets, doctors and VA folks that I’d gotten my strange jungle fevers in a little place in Vietnam we bush GIs called “LEECH VALLEY.” I


Home From War

by Sherri Kukla He came home from the war a different man. It was the 1970s. It wasn’t his first tour of duty in Viet Nam, but it was his worst. He left behind friends. Some known dead, some


Moving Can be Dangerous

by Sherri Kukla The guy-in-the-garage had a dream for years. To live in the desert. Many years ago we moved out of the city to the mountains but it was just a step to get us closer to the goal. A


Not Wired to Multi-task

by Sherri Kukla Anything the guy-inthe-garage needs while I’m on deadline is never too much to ask. Today for instance. Just a few pages away from being done, he’s caught up with proofreading and


Sherri’s Turn: Wrong to Believe Him

by Sherri Kukla The guy-in-the-garage assured me he had our budget in mind when he decided to refurbish his Honda rather than buy a new one. Was I wrong in assuming this would cost less than a


Sherri’s Turn: More Than He Wanted To Hear

by Sherri Kukla We visited some friends in the desert quite a few years ago who had just bought some beautiful property. They were going to sell parcels of this land and we were interested. We


Sherri’s Turn: Difficult Life Transitions

by Sherri Kukla You couldn’t actually say she was an off roader, but she was a big fan of the sport. And one of our biggest fans. She doesn’t remember much these days, but on the occasions I