The Agricultural Beginnings of Crescenta Valley

Bolton Hall Museum and Little Landers Historical Society Present The Agricultural Beginnings of Crescenta Valley Local historian and author, Jo Anne Sadler will explore the origins of the valley


Shrinking Lips

by Terri Whiting Dear Botoxgirl, I am 55 years old and my lips are shrinking! Someone told me I can use Botox in my lips? C.C. Tujunga   Hi C.C. You would not want to use Botox directly into


A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do

by Terri Whiting   Dear Botoxgirl, My husband needs Botox. He has terrible lines on his forehead. How can I get him to try Botox without hurting his feelings? J. H. La Crescenta   Dear

Art of Christmas

by Rick Rotante The holidays are a blessing in disguise. I know we celebrate with gift giving and parties with family and friends. We wear funny hats and clothes. Many dress their houses as well


Nostalgia, Memories and Botox!

by Terri Whiting The holiday season is in full swing and it’s exciting. Classic red lipsticks, highlighted cheekbones of shimmer and glitter! It’s nostalgic, a tradition. We get a new Christmas


by Rick Rotante Perfection: is it a goal we should reach? We work for excellence but when we reach for perfection and surpass excellence; do we get to the truth of what we create? Is there a