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Shipwrecked at Summit Christian

By Amelia Anderson This large sign presided over the door of our Tujunga Canyon Church. It was the midst of July summer-time when all were sweltering from 100 degree heat, but the walls and halls

Mylar and Power Lines Don’t Mix

A  Mylar balloon struck a power pole on Haines Canyon last Friday and caused a possible arcing explosion that led to a  power outage in Tujunga that affected over 150 residents The incident

Believe It Or Don’t!

Sunland-Tujunga has the “Oldest Rock” but St.Estaban had the “Tujunga Rex.”  Yes, they actually had it in place for two weeks.  Heavy as concrete can be, this 1,000 pound tribute to our ancestors

Help is on the Way – Boeing Super Tanker is Here!

Firefighters toiled in stifling heat Saturday on the lines of destructive wildfires across the U.S. West, making progress against some blazes while struggling to tame others that have forced

Sunland Printing Wins Chamber of Commerce Award

June 2018 was a champagne day for 9 valley businesses, including Sunland Printing, which was chosen to receive “The small business award for 2018,” for outstanding contributions to their