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Goodyear Blimb Visits Sunland-Tujunga

The Goodyear blimp made its yearly visit to Sunland-Tujunga Monday about 3:30 pm. It came across Foothill from Lowell, went down to Mt. Gleason and turned south over Haines canyon. It was


LAPD Investigates Trash Can Burn And Melt Incidents

The LAFD rolled on an illegal trash burning incident only to find that an arsonist had set fire to two trash cans on Foothill Blvd. Thanks to observant witnesses, firefighters were able to catch


Five Signs You’re Ready to Sell

by Ed Castellanos Have you outgrown your home? Or has your home outgrown you and your household? Fewer and fewer families expect to stay in their first or second home for the long haul. Here are

Discovering Divorced Spouse Benefits

by AMAC-Certified Social Security Advisor Russell Gloor Dear Rusty: Thank you for your Social Security articles, which a group of friends and I read every week. If it had not been for one of your