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Young Tujunga Resident Helps Family Project

Angela Reagan and her daughter joined Lydia Hopwood, and several other families from the Foothills help pass out the Truth About Drugs Booklets to fellow neighbors. “There is so much

Michael L. Lichtman (KF6KXG) and Mark Kanzler (KE6ZLP) prepare radios for Field Day

When Disaster Strikes, Who Are You Going to Call?

By George Eckart It’s a fact of life that we live in earthquake country. When the Big One finally strikes, who are you going to call? In all likelihood, no one because the phone system will be


Come Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Wildlife Waystation is open for Member visits! For two Sundays each month our doors will be open to special friends like you! Come and meet the over 400 rescued animals who call Wildlife


Completing Cosmetic Updates To Your Home

Do you have a list of changes you’d like to make to your home this year? Completing cosmetic updates is easiest when the weather’s in your favor. In honor of May’s National Home Improvement

Ask Rusty: – Social Security Isn’t Welfare

by AMAC Certified Social Security Advisor Russell Gloor Association of Mature American Citizens Dear Rusty: I receive Social Security, but I still go in the hole to the tune of about $300 per