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City Hall, What?

by Amelia Anderson Held Saturday down at City Hall? Well, it’s sort of a pow wow of LA Neighborhood Councils in party mode. And I don’t mean Dem Repub kinda folks. I mean some serious head


Nat’l Park Service Seeks Volunteers in Pomona

Pomona might feel far afield when it comes to the National Park System, but throughout September, rangers will be setting up locally for the L.A. County Fair. And they’re hoping several locals


How to Get Free Money for College

On Thursday, August 24 at 7 PM, Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse welcomes scholarship and financial aid specialist Trevor Ramos for a presentation and discussion of the 2017 version of his

Ask Rusty: Collecting SS and Income Taxes

by AMAC-Certified Social Security Advisor Russell Gloor Dear Rusty: My husband just starting collecting Social Security at his full retirement age. If he wants a part time job how much money does


Max Out Home Value: Curb Appeal Projects

by Ed Castellanos You’ve been spending so much time on projects inside your home (like that new shower you have to drag yourself out of), that your front yard is starting to scream for a bit of


Tujunga Stabbing

Around 10:45 pm last Friday night, LAFD and LAPD Foothill Div responded to a reported stabbing at the Chevron gas station in the 6700 block of Foothill Blvd. One person received an unknown number


A-B-C- Free!

by Amelia Anderson As the end of summer winds down through the blistering heat, education rears up it’s ugly head to again be addressed by our rational mind. It may be the medicine of life but I