Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok

by Bob Garver It’s been over two years since we’ve seen Thor (Chris Hemsworth), which seems like forever in Marvel Cinematic Universe time. He missed the dissolution of The Avengers in “Captain

Movie Review: Happy Death Day

by Bob Garver Tree (Jessica Rothe) is having an unhappy birthday. She wakes up in the bed of a stranger named Carter (Israel Broussard). Carter’s roommate says something disrespectful. She gets

Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

by Bob Garver If I could describe 1982’s “Blade Runner” in one word, it would be “hypnotic.” Director Ridley Scott crafted a world of eerie calm, one where flying cars and public shootouts were

Movie Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

by Bob Garver When we last left Eggsy (Taron Egerton), he had completed his transformation into a Kingsman; going from aimless slacker to dashing British secret agent. He had saved the world,

Movie Review: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

by Bob Garver This movie didn’t need to work very hard to gain my favor. It’s an R-rated movie starring three actors who are really good at swearing. Ryan Reynolds brought crude humor to new

Movie Review: The Emoji Movie

by Bob Garver Last week I reviewed “Dunkirk” and I talked about how early reviews had set the bar impossibly high, which prevented me from appreciating the film more. This week brings us “The

Movie Review: Dunkirk

by Bob Garver Entertainment Weekly killed “Dunkirk” for me. Not because the review written by Chris Nashawaty was negative or turned me off in any way, but because it went too far toward the

Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

by Bob Garver For most of “SpiderMan: Homecoming,” I didn’t see why the movie was getting so much praise from critics. I didn’t like Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, I was