Pets and Social Media

Animals garner increased online attention From dogs and cats filling up social media feeds — some even with their own profiles — to true pet celebrities who command the attention of millions,

July 4th is Not So Pet-Friendly

How to make July 4th safe for your pet The Fourth of July is one of the most stressful and potentially dangerous times of the year for pets. While you and your family, friends, and neighbors are

Putting The Brakes on Pet Car Sickness

Much like humans, dogs and puppies can also experience a feeling of illness while on car trips. This car sickness can make pet travel, whether short or long, quite an ordeal for dogs and their

Holiday Trips With Pets

Memorial Day symbolizes the start of summer for you and your pet. Time to starting planning your weekend getaway – whether it be to the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between! Before

Tribute To A Loyal Dog

by Evelyn M. Ceasaresco Shortly before Christmas, a man named Angelo Testoni arrived at Milan from Brescia accompanied by a fox terrier. He took a room where he and his dog began a humble life in

Retail Therapy For You And Rover

For many pet lovers, bringing a furry friend along on a shopping trip would be the perfect way to spend a day. While many big-name chain stores do have a “service dogs only” policy, you may be