View from the Rock

Everyone Was Civil At STNC Meeting

What an incredible change has happened in S-T. Last Wednesday night I went to the monthly STNC meeting expecting to see banners and people wearing identical T-shirts and loud proclamations of

Today’s word is “Boondoggle.”

Simply stated, it is “an expensive program that is a waste of money, esp. one using public money.” (Cambridge on-line dictionary) And that brings us to the upcoming neighborhood council


WELL! We survived another one, well most of us that is. And you’ve read about it right here. I think about those people that want to know about what is happening here. The ones that read all the


How many of you remember that old TV series that took you back in time to major incidents in history? It was informative and historically correct and put you, the viewer in the front row seat of

Fire Protection

Nothing is easy or sim- ple here in S-T. Even if we try to make it sim- ple, someone else will make it hard. Tuesday was a prime example. The morning started with a bang about 3 a.m. as the phone

Coming Into The Holidays And Looking Back At The Year

I guess I was in complete denial about WHEN Thanksgiving was happening. In my mind it was always “next week!” And then overnight, it was here. This is a really nice time of year, the leaves are

It’s that time of year, again

Twice a year I go through this bitter-sweet reality that I’m outliving those around me, those that actually meant something to me and those who actually did something for our country. I watch


Did you ever wake up one morning and say, “I’m too old for this crap?” and then just keep on doing what you’ve always done because it’s easier that way? Well, boys and girls, that is the way it