View from the Rock

Lots Of News In The Community

This was one hell of an edition to put together. Not two days would go by without something earth-shaking happening. Lie-Cheat & Steal Tatulian filed for a restraining order against me and


Everything we do is documented so that we know what we did right or wrong for the next incident. Here is my log for the beginning of the La Tuna fire. FROM MY FIRE LOG Vegetation Fire, 1:26PM:

Upcoming End Of Summer Events

This has been a fun week in S-T. The weather has been the topic of most discussions, and no one seems to remember how summers used to be. But what if the most fun are all the events that we are

National Night Out

NOTHING is ever easy here in S-T. Every year with National Night Out we honor our local first responders, the fire dept., the cops, the paramedics. Those people who keep us alive (maybe I should

Honorary Mayor Candidates

Like they say, “sometimes it’s not worth gnawing through the straps in the morning.” Whoever said that sure didn’t live in Sunland-Tujunga. This month is a real milestone for our community. We

New Housing Effecting Foothills

This is a great old town that is going through major changes. People are different from those who we grew up with. For some reason people have major differences of opinion when it comes to

Excitement of 4th Of July Parade

I would never have believed it if I didn’t see it. The community is actually coming together and everybody is having FUN in between all the work. We’ve got our annual 4th of July parade that the