View from the Rock

Meaning Of Memorial Day

The Very Rev. John da Costa said: “I have nothing but amazement at the silence of so many of the political leaders of the world. I have nothing but sadness that our churches have failed so badly

Mail Boxes Will Be Full of Political Mailers

My good friend David Hernandez called it out in a Facebook posting when he said, “Final two weekends before the May 16 runoff election. Mail boxes will be full of Political Mailers. Remember that

Vision 0-0

Some years ago, people were pushing “Vision 20-20,” an ambitious program of re-vitalizing Foothill Boulevard to make it look like Paseo Pasadena. And boy oh boy, was that shut down. So much so

Good And Bad News Is Helpful For Our Town

Things are happening, things are changing — and you, the reader, are a part of our future history. I received a phone call the other day and the woman was absolutely irate. “How dare you print

CD-7 Primary and How This Election will Go

Well, boys and girls, it’s that time again, and again. Elections are coming and so are the photoops. It seems like every day, someone is having a get-together at some one’s restaurant — not to

Election Aftermath

This local election was unlike any that I’ve ever seen. Now that may be good, or it means that my memory really is failing. In the past 12 years of running The Foothills Paper, there have been

Analyzing the Candidates For City Council

Now this is going to be one hell of an election. With 19 candidates running for the seat vacated by Felipe Fuentes, it will be fun seeing who got how many votes. Yup, I’ve never seen so many