View from the Rock


The Community Is Changing For The Better

The Good, The Bad and the Pug Ugly is one way to describe the events of this past year. And to be honest with you, none of them were foretold. The good is that we got rid of our councilmember


Addressing Local Current Issues

One of the things a “real” newspaper has is an editorial box where the editor or publisher gets on his/her soapbox and ties all the loose stories together. It’s not easy doing it week after week,


What will the 2016 Election Bring?

I woke up this morning with a feeling of apprehension and fright that I couldn’t put my finger on it; things just didn’t feel right. I was still laughing at Kathy Anthony’s window cartoon of what

View From The Rock, October 21

Sometimes, things from the past just flow into my head regardless whether I want them there. It brought to mind one of Bob Dylan’s well-known song from the 1960s that continues to foretell the


Everyone Is Making Our Community A Better Place

Wow — has this been a hectic week with grand openings, passing of keys. Everybody seems to be doing the best they can in making our little vortex a great place to live and work. People are


Latest Community Events

Everything is calming down and it looks like we will have some interesting things to talk about for the next weeks. The STNC had the new Verdugo Hills High School principal, Arturo Barcenas, talk


Our Independent Paper Will Be Turning 12 Soon

I see that Ms. Tatulian is out banging on doors saying how bad a person I am and not to advertise with us again. It’s the same old story: she rallies her cadre of silly people that can’t make it