View from the Rock

The Special 4th Of July Parade

The only unsullied event left in Sunland-Tujunga is the Rotary Club’s Annual 4th of July Parade. I find it really amazing how many people from all walks of life come out to mingle with their

July Kept The Neighborhood Council Occupied

This has been quite a month here in our little vortex. The new neighborhood council board has taken over and are finding that it isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. I’m looking forward to

Do You Know What Your Politicians Are Doing?

It’s the middle of the year; do you know what your politicians are doing? I try never to take sides in politics, but this year I am going to have to set aside my differences with the electoral

The Election Isn’t Over Yet!

The election is over — well, sorta. The community mobilized for all the wrong reasons and got all the right results. The STNC has become fragmented and will either pull itself together and really

We Need Our Service Clubs

We had the “election to beat all elections!” here in Sunland-Tujunga. Everybody won for all the wrong reasons. The town became polarized and divided into camps of Armenians vs the Anglo RedNecks.

STNC Election is Over and it Was Close

For all of you that participated in or followed the STNC election last Saturday: THAT WAS A SQUEEKER! I was really impressed to see the community get polarized enough to come vote for their

Neighborhood Council Election

Well, boys and girls, this coming neighborhood council election will be the craziest that we’ve ever had. The community is polarized and if the candidates could be seen from space, it’d look like