Banner Boondoggle at Town Hall Meeting

By David DeMulle’ A seemingly innocuous “Town Hall” meeting of the banner committee held at the Elks Lodge two weeks ago erupted into a heated debate of “Who did what, with what, and why didn’t

Another Two Fatality Accident On Wentworth!

There was another fatality accident last Wednesday the 20th.  The shocking difference is that the driver of the automobile that caused the accident was also killed.  Witnesses stated that they

Coffee with the Captain!

by David DeMulle’ Last Tuesday Jon Von Gunten and Starbucks hosted the “Coffee with the Captain” with free Starbucks coffee and doughnuts for everyone attending, and wow did they attend!  With

Another Reason Why Foothill Blvd. Looks Bad…

One of our major problems here in S-T is the “Knee Jerk Reaction” of some of our denizens. When Arnie Abramyan went bat shit crazy over Land Use Committee Member Patti McCardle-Potter, he