Commercials and Other Annoyances on Television

Isn’t it annoying when
watching TV and a commercial
comes on that blasts
you from your chair and has
you clinging to the ceiling?
Television ads are enough to
frazzle one’s nerves and accelerate
hearing loss. The first
loud ad I remember was as a
child, and it was Crazy Eddie
screaming, “Prices so low,
it’s insane!” Well, the insanity
continues as advertisers
continue to yell. But I have
to admit since I record most
of the shows I watch I’m not
subjected to commercials on a
regular basis.

For me, what is as annoying
as loud commercials is the
background music on some
shows. On certain shows the
music practically drowns
out the dialogue. It’s hard to
relax when you’re straining to
hear the conversation. I know
people who hit the “mute”
button in order to silence the
noise and read the subtitles.
It’s the equivalent to a foreign
film with subtitles. It makes
one wonder if loud music
compensates for weak writing.
Another major distraction
is the pop-ups and scrolls
which fight for your attention
displayed on the TV screen.
There are pop-ups telling you
what show you’re watching.

Well, I know what I’m watching
because I put it on. Certain
scrolls instill panic announcing
special alerts: “Blizzard
expected to dump two feet of
snow and knock out power to
thousands.” After reading that,
I quickly set out snow boots
and stockpiled candles only to
realize it was July and I was
watching a show recorded six
months earlier. I find it difficult
to read scrolls and watch
TV. I could do one or the other.
I could watch TV or I could
read scrolls. I can’t do both
simultaneously. I know my
limitations and I accept them.

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