Chamber of Whorrors Attacks Community

The S-T Chamber got themselves invited to a selfserving Los Angeles function and this group photo. The good thing about this photo is that it shows the immoral, unethical and corrupt Cleghorn machine as also being officers of the bankrupt chamber of commerce. Cindy Cleghorn, who normally works behind the scenes to destroy local businesses, has teamed up with the latest chamber pawn, Mike Moncreiff. To quote one of the chambers officers “I see it’s back to business as usual. The mixer is at the ST Chamber President’s business. I thought we elected a new board in order to have a new order and a new way of things. Very disappointed in this revelation. By the way… I resigned from my post of 1st Vice President over just this kind of behavior.”

The chamber refuses to give anyone a copy of their current board members or membership.

Cleghorn is accused of receiving non-bid contracts from the neighborhood council, calling Building & Safety on businesses she doesn’t like and participating in the fraudulent “Best of S-T Awards” that almost got the STNC shut down. Dana Stangel, who is also a STNC officer, is known for taking a $2,500 bribe from Shadow Hills Resident Jean Traubner to keep The Foothills Paper out of the Summer Festival. Nina Royal has been the STNC Treasurer for the past six years but has had a city employee and other NC members do the books for her, and has taken money for ads in her non-existent newsletter, the North Valley Reporter, a defunct monthly paper which died more than 15 months ago.

These are just a few of the things we know about them. Do you really want to vote for them in the up

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