by Sam Samalin,

PA-C Allergies are a real, under-treated problem. Allergy sufferers have chronic symptoms that often progress to serious complications. If you frequently and over weeks or months have red, itchy eyes, runny, congested or itchy nose, or sneezing, you may have allergies. If so you’ll start to have allergic complications such as pain and pressure in your face and headaches, and coughs that are worse at night, sinus and ear infections. These may worsen your asthma, cough and wheezing spells that need rescue inhalers.

For people who are too burdened by these, allergy treatment is available, weekly shots for months or years which cure allergies. It is very important to recognize allergy symptoms and treat them with daily antihistamines and nasal steroids such as Claratin and Flonase. These lessen your level of sinus inflammation so that when you get a cold or flu you are less likely to get a sinus or ear infection, or asthma attack. If you do you’ll need antibiotics and steroids.

Many people don’t know they are suffering from allergies and allergic complications, so stop by the clinic if you recognize some of those allergic symptoms. Recognizing you have allergies is needed to get the right treatment, such as steroids, which are especially effective for allergy patients.

We live in an allergy hotbed, so we treat many allergy-related infections at the clinic. We also can test you for most of the common pollen and food allergies, which can guide you to avoiding the source of your symptoms such as covering your bedding or changing your eating habits. Food allergies can cause abdominal pain. Some allergies cause respiratory emergencies or shock such as bee stings or peanuts. Stop by the clinic for your allergy care.

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