Things Are Getting Worse…

Dear Editor,

Thank you for all the information you’ve been putting out in your paper. I’ve lived here for over 30 years and seen the rock change from great to bad to getting better. We never had this much traffic though. Mostly horses and motorcycles.

How come we don’t have the LAPD drop-in station that Wendy Greuel set up for us? The only time I see police is when they’re arresting someone or screaming down the hill with all their lights and sirens on. What happened to the bicycle cops we had for a few years? Are they afraid to ride on Foothill? That’s a joke!

I’m sure things are getting better than they were, but here at our trailer park things just keep getting more complicated. I went to the Memorial Day service and didn’t see anybody that I knew. We are losing a lot of our older residents. We have homeless living at the back of the property and don’t bother anybody. But one came over and asked if they could use the park’s washer and dryer. Isn’t the city supposed to be helping them out?

Thanks for your newspaper; if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t know anything about our town. Keep up the good work.

DC, Sunland

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