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Everything is calming down and it looks like we will have some interesting things to talk about for the next weeks. The STNC had the new Verdugo Hills High School principal, Arturo Barcenas, talk about his moving up from the assistant principal slot and how he is going to continue to promote a higher level of education. It’s really great to see happy smiling people at the STNC. Almost everyone was enjoying the no-nonsense manner exhibited by STNC President Krystee Clark when it came to marshalling the agenda items.

Even the STNC budget and minutes were discussed, and the audience got real answers on what was happening with the council expenditures. It was announced that in order to cut back on expenses the council meetings would be moving to the Sunland Park recreation center and that they would be shutting down the “logistics office” on Foothill Boulevard.

It became more interesting when Clark went into the anteroom and closed the door on the noisy peo-ple who were more interested in their own cliques than the meet-ing. We don’t need a sergeant-at-arms; we have Clark. Later in the week, the Chamber of Commercesponsored Land Use Committee (LUC) met at Eurofusion for a really great lunch and presentation by the L.A. Building Safety Sign Division, which explained how the sign inspections worked. With more than 25 business owners listening, the illegal sign reporting system was explained.

Nina Royal, Cindy Cleghorn and Lydia Grant were visibly happy when the inspector said that “we’re only human — and there’s only a one percent chance of anyone finding out who turned in the sign owner.” Of course he didn’t mention that the the city records could be subpoenaed by anyone who wants to push the issue. So let them smile a while.

Of course this is Sunland-Tujunga and SOMEONE had to contest the swearing in of Eve Sinclaire as Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) rep. A group of about 20 people from S-T went down to city hall to show their support and Eve was sworn in without incident. All in all – politically we had real showing of “people power.” As for the rest of the community, you’ll read all about bank robbers, arson and house fires.

And yes boys and girls — it might be that they stopped drinking the water!

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