Addressing Local Current Issues

One of the things a “real” newspaper has is an editorial box where the editor or publisher gets on his/her soapbox and ties all the loose stories together. It’s not easy doing it week after week, month after month and year after year, but it is the focal point for most readers to see what is happening in the community.

Think about it, could you write a comprehensive statement that people could follow? We as a nation just had an election and the person that “everybody” hated ended up getting elected President of the United States.

We as a community just had our neighborhood council and Chamber of Commerce elections and those who were elected didn’t follow what the minority wanted. Surprise! The members balked at the machine’s interference and decided to try and pull the community back together. And it seems to be working.

Now we’re going to have another election to replace our councilman. Can you believe it, there are 31 people that threw their hats in the ring to go after that job. And it is really a crosssection of who we are. I’m concerned (but not really) that our STNC President Krystee Clark might win and once again the STNC will not have the person we elected. But I won’t hold my breath for that to happen. She’s a great leader and has made things happen in S-T. In the last election, The Paper made 21 suggestions on how to vote. Nineteen of them won. Now that’s pretty good calling. But it boiled down to people getting out the vote.

For that I want to thank you. Our major concern RIGHT NOW, is the arson fires, the horrible drivers and what we are going to do about slowing traffic on Foothill Blvd. and La Tuna Canyon. We have a new group called “Safe Streets” that is comprised of some really dedicated people that are creating ideas that they can examine. This isn’t “like the weather” where everybody talks about it but doesn’t do anything about it. These people are actually coming up with ideas that can be submitted to city hall.

We’ve had three traffic deaths in four months here and more traffic accidents that I can even count. So many in fact that we don’t even roll on most of them. I hope that our photo archives of over 5,000 traffic accidents will be put to good use in creating a public awareness campaign to slow these drivers down.

But it’s going to take more than pictures and campaigns to get something done, it’s going to take you the reader and your children beginning to act responsibly that is going to make the change. And I’m looking forward to seeing it happen. And no, you can’t say It’s The Water!

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