LADOT Partly Responsible?

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Bridgette, for being there for Mr. Knopp.

I and others have been expecting this to happen ever since the city approved bike lanes on Foothill in S-T. There are two no-bike lanes areas that we were concerned about.

One is between Wentworth and Fenwick in Sunland. Twice at the STNC meetings we tried to get them to run the bike lane behind the fence on the south side for the slow uphill climb.

The other area is between Hillhaven and Haines Canyon in Tujunga where Foothill narrows down and pushes bikers into traffic. We tried to get them to reroute the bike lanes but they refused.

There are other areas that need to be corrected also. I think LADOT bears some responsibility for ignoring our concerns and for what has happened. I’m so sorry.

Lloyd Hitt

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