Neighbors Serve Neighbors for Thanksgiving Dinner

by David DeMullé

Last week, more than 200 local residents, homeless people and just plain good folks were feted with an incredible array of Thanksgiving foods. The foods were prepared and served by members of the Chapel of The Hills, Sunland Neighborhood Church, Firepoint, All Nations and Community Christian Church.

Community volunteers stood behind the tables ladling out the turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, deviled eggs and bread to the line of people that stretched around the block. Pattee Colvin, director of this activity and Tim Dugger — the “Mayor of Washjunga” — were there to greet the people who endured the cold, rainy weather and came to the Compassion Ministry Community Dinner Service, as well as partake of the great food.

For those who couldn’t travel to the church, “takeout” boxes were delivered by volunteers.

This is a great case of people doing the right thing for their neighbors.

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