Lincoln County is Becoming a Popular Settlement Area for the Amish

The Amish stem from the 16th century’s Anabaptist movement of the Protestant Reformation in Europe. The Amish are a tight-knit community, who reject modern technology and work hard to produce wooden products that are 100% handmade.

Throughout the U.S., the Amish have major settlements in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. Their national population, however, continues to grow and is now in 31 states in more than 500 settlements.

According to the Press Herald, three large Amish families will move to a rural town in Lincoln County, Maine. The Millers, the Yoders, and the Hostetlers are moving from New York and Kentucky to settle in this new part of the world.

Pat and Robin Chase, two farmers who grew up in Lincoln Country, two miles away from the farm where they have worked, lived, and raise their five children for 43 years, are welcoming their new Amish neighbors.

“They’re not really different from a lot of us,” said Robin Chase. “They support themselves like a lot of other farmers.”

The Chases appreciate the Amish’s love of the land they reside on and how they take great care of it. They know that inviting the Amish to be a part of their community can only benefit their land in the long run.

“We know we want to see our land preserved. When we downsize, we want to know it’s going to be taken care of,” Chase added. “It’s nice to see the land preserved.”

More farmers across the U.S. could soon be welcoming Amish communities to their towns as well. Because of the high retention rates and birthrates, the Amish are one of the fastest-growing groups in the United States. The entire Amish population doubles every 21 years.

Corey Anderson, an assistant professor of geography and sociology has been studying Amish migration patterns for years. He believes that Maine is a popular choice for Amish settlers because of the rolling hills of the landscape. On average, Anderson added, a new Amish settlement begins every three and a half weeks.

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